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Careful: animals

Autumn is the rutting season, and the danger from deer crossing the German roads increases massively. In my native Bavaria, I have had to execute emergency braking manoeuvres, for a deer crossing the road directly in front of my car, at least 20 times. Particularly early in the morning (05:00 to 08:00hrs) and in the […]

A lane for the rescue services

A situation everybody is familiar with: a siren in the distance, the rescue services are on their way! I have to say that I have only ever witnessed disciplined motorists in this case, but the statistics tells another story. Quite often, such situations result in accidents as many motorists tend to react, panic-stricken and inconsiderately. […]

Dogs on board

Naturally we all care about the safety of our passengers. But who really gives much thought to the safest possible way of transporting pets in the car? Personally, I don’t have a dog, but one thing is absolutely clear: it is extremely risky to have dogs jump about on passenger seats or in the back […]

Seated like a professional

Often, minor details can result in major improvements. As you have to sit more or less motionless for a long time while driving, this often results in symptoms of fatigue that even can be painful, with your back being particularly at risk. To obviate long-term consequences and to arrange the daily ride in your car […]

Holidays for individualists

Being on holiday off the beaten track – it’s no problem with a caravan. Read more about caravanning in Isolde Holderied’s new ‘Advice for drivers’. Choosing the travelling speed by yourself, stopping where you like, consciously gathering new impressions: These are the attractions of a caravanning tour. For many years, Germany, Italy and France have […]

wet conditions

Who doesn’t know the situation: Torrential rain, the steering loses its grip and the engine suddenly revs up. A clean cut case: the water trap – called aquaplaning by the experts – has struck again. But there are several things you can do against the lack of grip. In the case of aquaplaning, the tyre […]